Sunday, June 29, 2008

Junes Juxtaposition


recovered black box audio recording device transmission reads:

star date: 23/6/08

"Cap 'n' were braking up!
she's can't hold her course any longer, warp bubble failing, navigation off line!
engineering has reported critical damage throughout decks 1-42, life support failing, propulsion uncontrollable
where spinning in an uncontrolled multi directional axis towards the anomalies!
communications down. emergency life rafts deployed!
gravitational effects of the anomaly time dilation wave are infecting our systems recovery rate.
I'm sorry sir I've done all I can do!

* automated siren alert* projected chance of survival. 0.13%

" we have no choice cap n we must abandoned ship before it's too late!"
" hold your post solider! were gonna ride this sonic storm out son!"
" Sir yes sir! however i must employ to use active retreat methods before th.... ac...e....sta....b...

* automated alert* active stabilization coils damage*

" si...... close the ..... .bu.. ah..h... .aggh.."

*automated alert* Active stabilization coils destroyed
Decks 1-42 Destroyed
impact in T minus 30 seconds
all primary, secondary base systems at 0% proficiency
sense overload
Red alert! imminent destruction in 20 seconds
systems unresponsive
Red alert! structural integretiy collapse in 10 seconds
Hull breeches covering 90% of structure
Spot fires unchecked
Gravitational pull affecting,, imin.... "

*End black box recovery transmission:

Here is the last picture of that fateful crew before getting sucked into oblivion. the vacuum was so powerful the skin had all ready been riped right of their bodies at the time of this recoding!

Okay so maybe a little over the top?

you all here? do I still have your glare? that ever watchful stare?

okay i must confess I'm sorry kinda got a little carried away as you can guess..
but yes you got the idea, I decided to open this post with a type of mini story metaphor explaining my situation right now, might as well run with the parody of all things Si Fi theme i seem to have created for myself hey?

okay so last 4 weeks or so recapped brought together in a single unified Blog, a huge combination of events have occurred, where to begin, lets see.... I'll start with the filming side of life


first thing that i guess should be mention in relation to the film vendetta i have going on that seems to drive my life right now is definitely the Directing & Acting with Di Dre workshop i completed at the beginning of this month!

okay this course was well worth the $100 i managed to pay, in fact i should have paid more considering all the trees i went through!
Honestly pages and pages upon pages of double sided pages of more pages worth of page worthy notes were transcribed upon these tree like pages!
no seriously i got like a books worth, ( 60 pages ) of notes taken in all things film and television related- all in a 4 day workshop- my hand was dropping off towards the end!
however these trees were not cut down in vain they served a fantastic course, the ground in which they were laid should be proud! many maaaaaannny life changing notes were acquired!

The workshop consisted of activities such as: scripting: -The synopsis
-the background
-pre/post line sceneiore
-Script subtext
Actors : -Background
-emotional graph
-emotional weight
- Trusting the Directors vision
Director: -Trusting the respected crews professions
-Shaping actors persona
-Creative constructive critical eye
-time management
All really great qualities worth learning!
this course has definitely provided a profound impact on my life

okay following these workshops i managed to pickup a few budding film enthusiasts in Tasmania as well, the result of which has proven adventurous.
i was offered a roll in play by the theater royal in the script adaptation reading of the famious play " THE CRUCIBLE" by Author Miller that would be directed by a great mate i found at the film workshop.
however unfortunately i have to face facts, and as much as any one with a sane mind would dearly love to jump at this great opportunity I had to face the truth and realize quite simply i don't have time for such pleasure.
my academic life must come first before any background port folio building i guess.

As for the Tuesday afternoons workshops that are run locally, yeah their still alive and kicking. mind i haven’t had a lot of time to express my visual desires their much either.
however i hear from a passing workshop enthusiast that goes by the name of Fred (A real legend, starting to make his own small Tas documentary business) that the workshop recently opened an exhibition of the years works in channel court!
apparently it was a real blast, and clearly it is my loss i never got to attend. i simply just lost my contact with the workshop group i guess.

Hopefully i hear their is going to be a second gallery open towards the end of year-eyes set on that!
in related news i hear the workshop has managed to gain the presence of a stop start fireworks animation director in for the next few weeks, his one of three i think hired by the infamous online site " YouTube" should be a great chance for any animation buddies!

Okay work related content.

my current slave lord Bigw Kingston has decided to update the dress policy for all employees. this includes night fill. now don't get me wrong I'm all for keeping up appearances. but seriously getting
all the nightfall staff to go forth and purchase business class shoes and spend like $100 on clothes that we really don't need. i mean where the behind the scenes driving force of that place, no one is going to see us!
so yeah, not happy Jan!


College, eh such a wonderful word!

such a glimmering title, full of light and hope... lets all forget to tell the students of the workload eh? lets have fun laughing at their stress levels building to phenomenal levels,
I’m sure it's quite the show!

but seriously... yeah i guess I’m finally catching up with the majority of subjects.
the Digital Project our team have rightfully decided to title Contemplation is really starting to move along.
the project is really taking shape, great background for characters, locations, everything is finally binding together. About time!
Just last week our production team dubbed DDR productions ( Daniel, Daniel, Red-team member names) presented a class PowerPoint detailing our project proposal and all the actions we've taken so far to achieve the end goal of a really great film!
The presentation went smoothly, a little tweaking here and there couldn't go astray, but we had it audio recorded so later we shall have to learn from these mistakes.
Overall i'm happy with where the team is at now.


Well I'll try to make this quick as I’m sure I’ve bored you all senseless by now.

There is chance, kind of 50/50 right now, that by the end of the month i'll finally gain independence and Have left the bounds of the family house hold and find a den for myself!
that’s right my friends, the Fro may be venturing forth and moving out from home in the near future, let the havoc begin!
but yeah all fairly pie in the sky stuff right now, However it's about time, especially after getting kicked out on an annual monthly basis lol!
so yeah. other then that what else is there...

Laptop has taken on a rather interesting new style with the plasma spreading over 1/5 of the total screen display. quite artistic if you ask me.
I don't mind it, kind of represents my life right now, trying. oh so trying, just fractions of darkness sweeping through to thwart my ways.

RELATIONSHIPS- what relationships? Don't go there my friends, too complicated.

FINANCIAL -I finally hit the magic $500 saving benchmark for this month! I'm so proud!


Okay my friends, once again thanks for reading, sorry for be the harbinger of many youthful years wasted on your lives reading this!
it's been... refreshing, I’m begging to abuse this site my thinks?
anyway. good luck to all! thanks again, next months post should be great! i promise, I turn 18 then! yay!
Perhaps there’ll be a new ship in store from the Insurance payout, unfortunately it seems my last just dived straight into a black hole. I Salute you thy fine crew! You flew with gusto!

Cheers: Danielson.