Monday, April 21, 2008

Captains log-supplemental

computer! captains ships log. Tuesday 22 April 2008 .

After recent community events it has become evident to me that this perilous journey we have all embarked on and the obstacles that we face are appearing to be more like ice bergs rather then walls. I say this simply because even the most mundane easiest jobs a college student could be expected to preform has proven to be a tyrant task lately!

for example: just converting different media files-video/audio into workable formates has become almost impossible! my laptop screen has completely gone haywire and is still leaking plasma everywhere, i should really get onto that hey? my work life is going down the drain with new corporate terms and conditions contracts. perhaps it's karma playing some type of universal effect on my me?

anyway i guess I'm taking advantage of this free blogging service just complain..

computer erase that last paragraph in the official ships log, it's to remain personal!

okay updates. the crew of this journey are preforming well. we are learning how to use this program named delicious i believe it's a form of documenting sites we have visited and gives a brief description of what we found there-useful for journal bookmarking!
Researching is currently underway in our quest to create a decent cyberpunk genre movie for this digital subject of ours.
I remember watching a great movie on SBS a few years ago called "Avalon" directed by the great Mr Mamoru Oshii his a leading cyberpunk enthusiast's and has many awesome films to his name for those that don't know. it's thanks to his work that has made this film one of my favorite films ever since i guess. heres one of many great links i found:
concepts and storyborading will be completed today, and we are moving on to scripting next for the pre production stage of our film.

computer sign me out i guess, we are done here.
warp 6 trillion, second star to the right-engage!

Monday, April 7, 2008


let me see, roughly 3 weeks or so since i last posted?
A few days ago Tasmania had some extremely high winds, gal force even. knocked out a few power lines and such, hence that makes up for inactivity for one week.

eventful as ever i guess, how would i describe my education life right now?
movie, movie, movie, oh yeah-essay-then, yeah guessed it more movie, movie, movie!!
though mind, i love it!

All though only 3 completed products have been produced many many more are in the works!
recently i downloaded a script story bored program from roger stack, my teacher for this course, hopefully it shall come in handy!

oh news on the pathway front! were finally getting some progress with the program. The teacher has started branches out into all the various visual arts mediums one can use and thus video as a platform popped up! hooray for us! there was talk of producing a few enters for some film festivals as well! for example : Trashorama, tropfest, 15/15 and various others, can't wait!

Did i mention I'm a slave working for the corporate mega fiend Woolworths?. specifically BIG W. Now it's good place to work don't get me wrong, great atmosphere, good people just one problem, i work the Night shift. Between college life, after school activities, e.g soccer, the pathways program, AND maintaining my slave hood labor presence at my part time job life is becoming increasingly filled up to the brim! You can say goodbye to any normal sleep patterns for my life as well.

getting back to the title of this blog. expectations. definitely rolling in, loads of productions coming up, loads of teachers expecting results. should be interesting in the next coming weeks.

sorry my friends it seems as if time is against, i kinda feel like I've made up for last blogs though no? anyway must be off until next time fellow readers