Monday, March 3, 2008


Hello there fellow college traveler's!

I'll admit it sure has been a while since i left a blog on this site however there is an explanation for this travesty! you see with all recent rush on creating all these accounts I'm afraid i lost track of my user name and account for this site. however thanks to the intervention of Firefox's " auto remember me" ability's as soon as i recalled the site name i was granted access!

Thus here i am trying to make up for lost time.

Something of great importance has recently popped up in my life actually. i have just joined a out of college education for budding artistic youths like myself trying to explore their creative talents and learn where it can take them. the course is called " Pathways to art: be what you want to be" essentially it's course to extend your visual, writing, music talents and involve them with upcoming attractions, events and productions around the state. it all sounds rather exciting and a great " adventure" to partake in. my first class starts this afternoon at 4:30, looking forward to it. going to look great on a resume!

hopefully through this course i will be able to gain insight, ideas and useful skills I'm sure i shall apply in the digital projects course.

as for my main project this term it seems to be boiling down to the ever tasteful debate between what is real and what is not. with the line between psychical objects and electronic transactions becoming ever so illusive it seems appropriate that i investigate this worthy course.
my only doubts this topic is very heavily produced in today's society and I'm afraid it might become to cliché and boring for the examiner's.

untill next time budding blogger- peace and happy writing!


Roger said...

So... what was the 'Pathways to Arts' thing like?

"Psychical"? I think that will be different! Or did you mean 'physical'? :-)

Perhaps you could explore an 'integral' approach to this topic? I'll do a presentation on that soon...

Nicholas said...

Argh, this "Pathways to Art" jazz sounds like the type of thing I'd have liked to have taken part in. I understand that this happened a fair while ago now, given the date on your (b)log, so perhaps you could give me some more in-depth information as to how this course works sometime?

Hah, I still need to get Firefox.

- N.

party_over_here said...

it is easy to forget your password, and an niconvinience to recover it.

try having really similer passwords for each sight, or noting the pass words and user names smoewhere.

Meelz said...

you're so dedicated, maybe you can offer me some insight that you learnt from the 'Pathway to Arts' stuff. Teach me oh smart one called Dookuson. =P

Aletia said...

Dooku! =D

This is all sounding very spunky and interesting..

I agree with Amelia.. lend me some of that dedication of yours!
As for this "Pathway to arts" business, I want to do it too. haha.

Cant wait to see your finished product.