Tuesday, March 18, 2008


ah yet again another late post it's sure going to be tough trying to get into the rhythm of these blogs.

As I'm sure you all know the Easter brake is approaching at incredibly fast speeds! it sure does feel like it was just yesterday that i start the new college year- Alas this is not the case.
this in turn means the time has comes when all my projects and assignments are under pressure to be completed both before and just after the brake as well. so busy busy busy again!

however their is good news upon the horizon. I've finally started the preproduction scripting and story boarding of the film production I've decided to create for the first main project of this digital class. ( despite ofcorse my horrible artistic skills-I trust you can all forgive my stick figures?)

the production idea is about " the thine line between virtual and non virtual environments" i know i know i can hear you all screaming now -matrix plagiariser! boring, and oh so cliche!- but please before you go judging my choice hear me out.

you see I've decided this as main for quite a few reasons some examples are: cross plate form multimedia opportunities, interesting story concept especially given today's society, a chance to create a production I've had stuck in my head for years! and hopefully to produce a new prospect of what is real to the mix of creative influences out there.

I hold high hopes for this production and I'm very eager to start going out their and filming. however with all good productions comes great pre production. which brings me back to a few paragraphs up. story boarding is painful! I'll say that right now, however it's really the basis from which everything else is born. so I've become almost obsessive over getting a decent story bored completed. as for the script, it's up in my head, i know i want it to be an impressive first attention to the year, just transferring from a dream to a reality on paper is proving difficult.

As for these creative arts pathways eduction on Tuesdays what can i say..
it's fun i guess? not exactly what i was expecting as so far all we seem to be doing is drawing with crayons and paint about one or two word sentences and we have 30 seconds to draw a description of what we think we hear. i guess there just trying to expand our creative influence which is all well and good no worries about that. just kind of seems a little pre schoolish?

on the flip side however i hear the last few sessions have just been getting to know each other. from the next sessions onwards we are finally going to get down to business! ( been a long time coming!) and with that means films, shooting! and production! their is going to be chances for film competitions and events to enter, so should be grand!

and with that i bid you all a due. been fun and I'm so happy I've finally posted!


callum22 said...

Good to see things starting to come together!

Hope you have some productive holidays, see you on the other side :P

Roger said...

Are you using any storyboard aids? There are some online tools if you are interested... let me know...