Thursday, May 1, 2008

result time!

okay it's been a while.

finally worked out how to use confused now oh well.

The production schedules for the virtual line film is coming along nicely i feel, we've given the team until late July early August to finish all preproduction and be well and truly on our way to film by mid year if all goes well hopefully.
we are currently finishing up the last pieces of the concept ideas and are well onto the script stage.

during previous lectures given to us by our class mentors we given the opportunity to witness how to create a project map. i feel this an essential piece of work that we should all get completed ASAP it shall greatly enhance the work attitude and mind set of the group as it's a given concrete platform as to where the production stages are at, what has been completed, what areas need more doing, etc.
I plain to have a copy of this project map on my next blogger for all to see!

In other news.... yesterday I sent an email to wide angle. A business in Salamaca place aimed at supplying forums, workshops and equipment for buddying film enthusiast, be it emerging, independent or industrial! great place all round i say!
the email was regarding my application for a actors/directors masterclass series of seminars and work shops set up by acclaimed director Di Drew a Tasmanian director as well!! in order to hopefully, fingers crossed gain entry to the course!!

In personal agendas various birthday celebrations have just passed e.g sister, cousin friends, the list goes on, I even had to miss my Tuesday afternoon visual work shops to celebrate! apparently was quite an important meeting as well! in short it generally means all though good times have been had! my bank account is seeming a little shy right now.... hopefully some confidence builds soon ey!

results came back for the first time this year for grade 12 college.
I can quite confidently say I'm rather pleased with my results and feel I'm aiming right on target. especially in my various visual related subjects.
can't wait to see a completed port folio reel of my works at the end of the year. though still high hopes.

phew almost forgot to add the paragraph about results, would have been no use for the blog name then hey! must be a sign I'm tired hey..

With that i think it's safe to say i can sign off for now, catch some down time.
Enjoy the what life brings you hey!


Roger said...

Glad you can see use for the concept mapper... we will also look at project planner software soon that you might find useful...

Good luck with the workshop application.

Oh... and on your growing blog audience - according to your sitemeter you have had a few international visitors...

party_over_here said...

seems like things are progressing pretty well, keep bringing in the international visitors.

all the best with your application.....