Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another month passes's another road traveled...

One week remaining for term two of college life, and the crowed goes wild!!!!!!

ok so what does this mean for the D.D.R production team?

The tiny snowball that was an idea half a year ago is now hurdling at incredible speeds down a vast mountain range that is our time restraints of this particular project, we moving with such velocity I would be tempted to call this snow ball a fully fledged avalanche by now.

Scripts completed, location scouting and equipment acquisition is steaming along nicely. all that remains is a few read through with our dear actors, (whom have not even seen the script in full yet-something i must confess I'm very uneasy about.) final adjustments according the set production teams input, then finally if all goes well during the holidays, it's lights camera action!

Now fellow bloggers i must confess i did have some concept images for our alleyway scene that i had planed to upload into the internet today, however it seems in my rush i completely forgot about the transfer equipment, so perhaps next blog will be more successful hey? Anyway enough excuse making, it's journal writing time!

Life as a student living independently is always.... an extremely over the top interesting times i must say so where does this leave time for my film passion? unfortunately not as much as one would hope!
lets see here, i open up Adobe Premiere and i see six projects that all need to be completed within 3 weeks or so, with the exception of one which is due today oh the fun! thank god for Deep forest African world music, thats all i can say! hmm two jobs are offering a cash adjustment, which is always a good incentive, however I'm learning how one must balance life between, college academic projects in preparation for uni life, and the here and now, cash in hand, survival projects which will keep one on their legs for a few more legs just yet, it's difficult to say the lest!

The story of my life, hmm what else needs to be said...
well I'm not to keen on this, but I'll write it anyway, just promise me to keep it quite okay?
Last weekend (excluding the one just past-that was nothing but a fun blur to i guess you could say ten days ago) was a horrible turn of events for me. A few tragedies had befallen some really really close friends of mine. it was quite seriously the stuff of nightmares, which including car crashes, suicides, broken legs and torso, and the abandonment of something beautiful, a good friend just left Tasmania off to WA for a better life, i kinda lost three really important friendships in one weekend, with another's life servilely hanging in the balance. lets just say... I'm done with life's silly games, I hate fate, and karma just isn't fair sometimes. I'm not going to name the victims purely out of respect, and it hurts to much to be thinking of this topic for too long. so yeah.. my life's in ruins right now i guess you cloud say, eh perhaps I've got it lucky? however somewhere i keep getting this thought, it's really disturbing, but... i keep thinking perhaps they got the better end of the deal?...

AAAAAAnnnnnnnnndddd on to other topics, Work, pift whom ever likes it? i know i don't however right now a certain anguish of even greater despise for it has built up in me i guess, for some reason after the group certificates where handed out, and it's time for tax return, my payments where started to getting taxed at the maximum rate, which is practically half my pay!!! Not happy Jan!!! I talked to the taxation office and apparently it's because I've turned 18 two months ago, and my TFN has been slipped up somewhere, anyway a few singing of TFN forms should soon take care of this problem.

Allright that about raps it up i guess, i must be off fellow bloggers! sorry for the mundane read today, i guess for now, it was more of a chance to get some thoughts of mine into written word, the first steps for closure i guess.. anyway can't wait for filming during the holidays! have fun my friends! peace!

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