Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The tides of change

Mr Balverdiear, Take a note!

Today on this fine morn on the eve of the 21st at approximately 9:54 I sit here pondering in deep thought, contemplating over the ever evolving challenge our SDI team has undertaken.

It appears Mr Balverdiear that life itself, is not without a sense of irony.
time will tell I guess... time will tell.

This production, this journey, this task our team had once set out to achieve, to answer the ever drifting question of "what is real?" has backfired somewhat, in the sense that actually producing the film has turned into a question more along the lines of "Are you for real?" it appears time restraints have altered the story somewhat.

okay so I hear you all screaming why? how? Are you insane changing the core question right now? here at virtually the end of all things college!

perhaps this answer is between the lines, yes it could be argued changing the purpose of the production at this late stage is a sure fire recipe for disaster, however is not the core idea of this course student adaptability and self directed evolution? why could this statement not reign true for our productions as well?

over the ever tiring advent of scripting our project has grown, matured some could say into a fully developed persona, as with all good youths we traverse the world of change, such is the case of our project. The child at the core of the question has change, taking on the form of " personal reconciliation, redemption, atonement and escape from our challenges in life, as people we all strive that picture perfect lifestyle, however all too often this dream often remains a piece of candy that's dangling just above your head by some universal sentient being, this project it seems has matured into illustrating these obstacles we all face.

On the bright side the scripting is all done, the majority of the pre-production has been completed, and our project seems to maintain on our schedules to plain, their could still be hope for us yet!!!. I feel if a dropped a few pages of our script on here it might just give away the projects progression, however I feel guilty if i don't hmm perhaps in a few days I will be bold enough to post what we've got so far.

And so Mr Balverdiear it is with great regret that i must sign off for now, end dictation please good sir!

" but but sir, were not done yet?"

" I know i know, just time has ran out, the actors are here, and it's time to begin! lights out!"

peace fellow bloggers!

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Roger said...

An excellent reflection on your learning - also what this course is about :-)