Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Light- AGH!

College date: 7.7.08 and one hour to many!!!

The SDI project we've decided to undertake is finally starting to shape into a completed package, we can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel!

one problem.

That tunnel is looking really, really small!!!

You see after a nice little gentle yet some how extremely scary wake up call last digital lesson on Tuesday it's become suddenly oh so crystal clear how desperate things are going to be. we've only got around ten weeks left? I can't quite remember so don't quote me on it.
however that time frame paints a fairly pristine picture to m e. this project needs to be filmed and completed. and fast!!!

As a counter measure for this sudden epiphany our group have strategies a benchmark fall back plain, where absolutely everything no matter how far behind we are, has to be completed by a certain date, if not the group is just going to keep this good al tug boat moving, and continue with the next stage.
additionally we've started clocking on double hours. spending every precious minute during class wisely for once, and an average of around 6 extra hours per week at the shouzen (my half shed, half hours I'm renting!) in a week or so were planning entire weekends dedicated to the course!

The group has high hopes of starting the production filming stage during the holidays, a few of the quicker shots, e.g our night club scene will be filmed before hand hopefully.

the following is a rough idea of the time frame we've got to work in.
keep in mind I've included the holidays as part of our production schedule. otherwise the normal time table would consist of 10 weeks, and not our 12

Pre Production

week 21: present week-rough draft scripting-research
week 22: expected rough draft script completion-edit read through of script-journals
week 23: Final edit of script-good copy completed-research
week 24: Location scouting for scenes. script reading with cast.

Production Phase

week 25: Holidays-final cast adjustments-Film oblivion & montage shots
week 26: Holidays-film alleyway & Scene3, Scene 4 conclusion

Post Production

week 27: Post production editing using equipment at the shouzen-adobe premiere CS3 pro
week 28: Final edit-tweaking-start distribution stage-journal
week 29: Project completion deadline. additional support documents & clips


week 30: Repair final report-reflect in journals
week 31: Final report due-journal
week 32: presentation.

The above illustrates the types of limits we've got left to complete the project. I'm confident our group can pull it together just in time, it's all a matter of dedication i guess.

As for the actual project it self, my opinion has been persuaded, i Believe this Production is no longer primed on the " cyberpunk genre" and has rather evolved into surreal " drama" perhaps. as i feel the core of our production is concentrated more around emotions. redemption and reconciliation.

More on this development in my next post.

unfortunately it seems my time here on blogger world has run short.
I hope this post has given some type of insight into our digital project.

much love peoples! peace!
Da fro!

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party_over_here said...

it's concerning how little time you have left for production and post production stages however you have put in some excellent planning and have an excellent script, screenplay and film concept.

I would encourage moving onto production as soon as possible in order to allow for unanticipated diffficulties with equipment, actors, props etc during filming.

keep up the hard work